Wally Milk

Wally Milk

Gain efficiency without compromising quality with Wally Milk.

Automatic volume recognition, vortex steam tip, and tiltable pitcher tray provide barista-quality milk foam with the simple push of a button.

Unmatched consistency and control, no training required.

Wally Milk frees busy baristas to focus on what matters most, the customer


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consistency customer’s love

Multiple sensors track temperature and consistency Day after day. Time after time. Your customers will enjoy the same perfectly steamed milk they crave.

an extra set of helping hands

Completely automatic operation Wally Milk’s adjustable tray mimics the barista’s motions, freeing up their hands for more important tasks.

safe, clean, efficient

Safe, Clean, Efficient Pro Touch steam wand and preventative alert system keep baristas safe and ahead of problems. Designed for easy technician access. Resolve problems quickly and minimize downtime.

any milk, any time

Any Milk, Any Time Wally Milk works with non-dairy milks and milk combinations. Save over 20 recipes for flawless delivery of your unique beverage options.

small footprint, huge output

Wally Milk increases your productivity without taking up extra space. This automatic milk steamer acts as a third steam wand, tapping directly into your espresso machine’s steam boiler.

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