Mythos MY75

Mythos MY85 is the symbol of perfect coffee grinding.

The Victoria Arduino grinder offers superb performance with its 85 mm burrs, micrometric adjustments, timed dosing, grinding temperature control, and impressive touchscreen display.

The advantage of direct access to the grinding chamber also remains with these new Mythos grinder models. However, the improved coffee dispenser has reduced retention to a minimum for virtually zero coffee loss after grinding. The current, and even more sympathetic, grinder design also includes dual cooling. With the Clima Pro function, you can tailor the grinding conditions specifically to each coffee you pour into the grinder. With Mythos, you’ll go far beyond previous standards in espresso grinding.


85 mm flat burrs

The Mythos MY85 has 85 mm burrs made of titanium. Durable and reliable in producing a uniform grind throughout its lifetime.

Micrometric adjustment

Calibrating for the perfect dose is easy with this grinder’s micrometric adjustment.

Temperature control

Bring out the best potential of your coffee beans by setting the grind temperature between 20-50 degrees Celsius


Access the intuitive adjustment system and all other info through the sleek touchscreen in front of the machine.

Programmed dosing

Set your dosing for a touch-and-go operation during the busiest times of the day.

Simpler maintenance Designed to be taken apart with ease, the Mythos MY75 has fewer screws so you detach the panels effortlessly for maintenance.

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