The Swan grinder features patented anti-static technology that removes any static charge from the coffee as it leaves the burrs. This allows for the ground coffee to fall directly and neatly from the burrs into the portafilter without sticking to any surfaces, fundamentally rethinking the way a coffee grinder works. With its advanced motor control and monitoring system, the Swan brings a level of consistency that was previously not possible. This motor control system allows for a constant burr speed regardless of resistance from the coffee or changes to the size of the grind. It also allows for more accurate dosing by precisely tracking the number rotations of the burr instead of using a timer. Reliability, usability, and speed are further improved by a belt-driven burr carrier to relocate heat created by the motor, a familiar interface that mirrors La Marzocco espresso machines, and button-free actuation that uses the electrical conductivity of the portafilter itself.

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