Swift Mini

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the Swift Mini grinder simplifies and streamlines preparing espresso.

Making it possible to grind, dose and tamp a double espresso on demand with no waste and no mess. The Swift Mini is compatible with all La Marzocco Home machines. Moreover, the Swift Mini can function as a standard on demand grinder. In this way it is possible to grind for single espresso, or for filter brewing method.

grind, dose and tamp

By integrating grinding, dosing and tamping coffee in one operation, it is possible for anyone to make delicious coffee with minimal training. The Swift Mini simultaneously grinds the coffee while progressively tamping at consistent pressure until the correct amount of coffee has been put in the portafilter.

automatic tamping mechanism

Regardless of the skill level of the user, tamping occurs automatically and progressively while the coffee is ground. This patented system ensures the ground coffee is tamped correctly and consistently every time.

stepped adjustment for any type of coffee

It is possible to achieve the perfect with near zero waste and retention with the stepped adjustment wheel that makes adjustments easy and repeatable.

Swift Mini

1.615 €

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