VBM Domobar Junior

The VBM Domobar Junior digital is the perfect mid-range espresso machine for any home barista. This advanced technology offers superior quality without breaking the bank. It has a robust temperature control system to ensure that your espresso shots are extracted perfectly each time, and its intuitive touchscreen interface makes it easy to use. With its low cost and high-quality parts and components, the VBM Domobar Junior digital is the ideal espresso machine for those looking for a good balance between quality and budget. So don’t wait; get yours today and enhance your home barista experience! 



Our high powered system is designed to deliver maximum steam, as well as excellent extraction temperatures and crema. 

Our single-stage boiler system allows you to dispense coffee, steam and water separately and in total safety, thanks to dedicated switches.

Thermosiphonic circulation group in cromed-brass, with mechanical pre-infusion chamber, available with manual controls (lever). Filter diameter 58 mm.

eco mode

Enables you to reduce your machine’s temperature when idle, so you can save on energy costs without having to sacrifice quality or performance.

oled display

 It offers a single interface to manage all of its settings. This convenience allows you to craft your coffee with greater precision and ease than ever before.

synthetic drip tray

is made from light, scratch-resistant material so you don’t have to worry about it scratching up other items.

water tank level sensor

You’ll never have to worry about running out of water for your coffee again! It features a water tank level sensor that monitors when it is time to refill it, so you can make that perfect cup every time

customisable side panels

With a range of colors to choose from, you can easily match it to any environment. The panels are fixed in place with magnets, so you can replace them with a different color whenever you like for a fresh new look.

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